"Contractor [RDM] provided professional services with government's best interest in mind. The contractor continued to provide technical expertise on the airfield evaluation months after the final delivery."
- USCG Elizabeth City Base Support

"The relationship has been ongoing from 1992 to the present time. We feel fortunate that we have been able to secure the services of RDM over the duration of this lengthy development process, and look forward to continuing the association in the future."
- Federal Aviation Administration

"...As the client, I find them [RDM] to be responsive and expert in their field. They produce quality work and always on schedule. They always have appropriate traffic control measures to ensure safety during field work. I've never had any issues with their performance and I trust that I can always rely on them. I would highly recommend RDM for consideration and will definitely hire them again."
- Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority

"As the Pavement Evaluation Program Manager for the Air Force, I dealt with many different firms. Unquestionably RDM International, Inc. is one of the best firms I have worked with both on this project and a number of other projects. They met or exceeded all of the contractual requirements for this effort and have done so on past projects. Their staff has extensive knowledge in the pavement evaluation and management arena. They consistently provide outstanding deliverables in a timely manner. When issues arise, they are professional and proactive in resolving them as quickly as possible; often recommending sound courses of action that are highly effective and benefit the government significantly. It is always a pleasure working with them and I would recommend them to anyone."
- George Van Steenburg, Former Pavement Evaluation Program Manager, Air Force Civil Engineer Center

“We Contractor [RDM] has consistently produced high-quality work. Pavement condition and management reports include recommended pavement sustainment and rehabilitation plans that exhibit good engineering judgment and not just a basic copy-and-paste of the pavement management system software output. This contract effort has included implementation of linear segmentation for roads and parking lots. As part of the effort, the contractor has worked with NAVFAC to recommend and streamline best practices for linear segmentation implementation. The contractor has been on-time in delivering results and executing contract work. The contractor has shown great flexibility working around schedule conflicts with on-going base operations that have occurred during field work. The contractor has exhibited good management practices throughout the evaluation period. The contractor is very responsive to government questions and comments both from NAVFAC EXWC and from local base personnel.”
- Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center

“We appreciate your attention to details and the professional manner in which you performed the work. The project results, for both of our airports, form an integral component of our maintenance and capital improvement program planning.”
- Gary Fuselier, Design Project Manager, Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority

“Not only would I recommend this firm for any work related to pavement engineering, phasing and constructability, but would look favorably upon any prime consultant who chose to partner with this company to perform such services.”
- Karen Sepulveda, Manager, Construction Services, Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority

“RDM has proven to be an extremely knowledgeable, professional and cooperative firm to work with in all of their roles to date. Their pavement knowledge has been outstanding in design and execution and they have offered realistic solutions to our pavement issues. Deliverables have been timely and complete. Whether it’s a quick question, or an issue that requires research, RDM has always been available to answer an email or to chat on the phone at any time. I would recommend RDM for any projects related to pavement engineering and construction. They are responsive and provide solutions to keep projects on schedule and on budget.”
- David Gotschall, Senior Project Manager, Columbus Regional Airport Authority