Condition survey is basic for pavement management systems. The results can be presented in a fashion that everybody can understand, which is a huge benefit for funding requests and more. Our staff is industry certified to conduct condition survey with extensive experience in civilian and military airfields, roadways, and seaports. Our condition survey conforms to the FAA’s Advisory Circular 150/5380-6B, ASTM D5340 and ASTM D6433. We use the widely adopted pavement management software, MicroPAVER, to process the survey data. RDM is also a MicroPAVER and FAA’s PAVEAIR beta test site. Further, with the use of our GPS equipped survey devices the survey process becomes more accurate and efficient. Increasing the efficiency of conducting the surveys reduces the impact to the client and their customers. With this device, section and sample limits can be easily located and updated to ensure the most accurate pavement network. With the GPS survey device all distress data can be geographically located and quantities automatically calculated. The ability to automatically import recorded data into pavement management software expedites the process and eliminates the chances of human error.